Fireseal Pro™ Documentation App
Fire Stopping - Penetration Seals

Professional tool for modern Companies
This Module will make your company to a highly performing machinery.

  • Guiding work flow for new installers and sub contractors
  • Quick work flow for experienced installers
  • Extra steps to ensure and verify the work and the quality
  • Proposals and quotes, easy to call off
  • Product sheets and installation manuals to 350 products
  • Unique professional reports with one click!
  • Weekly statistics for your teams
  • No binding time, no risk


With PlanTrail's framework and the methodology in Fireseal Pro, you can quickly replace your existing self-control system and take your business to the next level. Fireseal Pro was developed with the aim of securing self-control for 1000s of fire seals on 100s of projects and having everything collected in your pocket.
Brandtätningsmodulen är vår mest beprövade och har nu använts i över 800 projekt med 120,000 brandtätningar loggade.

Ett gediget utvecklingsarbete

Utvecklingen med brandtätningsmodulen har skett tillsammans med Branschorganisationer, brandkonsulter, byggföretag, underentreprenörer, montörer, tillverkare och verksamhetskonsulter inom kvalitét och miljö. Att ta fram det bästa möjliga verktyg för brandtätningsverksamhet har skett med stor noggrannhet och med fokus på att du, med så lite tid som möjligt i appen, kunna ta fram en enastående dokumentation.

Mer än bara Egenkontroll

Documentation and self-checking is done just by speed, in addition there are lots of other functions such as obstacle reporting, deviations, quote, EAT and an advanced rights system. At first you see colorful flags on a drawing, but after you complete a whole project you realize the greatness of the system and you are amazed at the frictionless part of your daily job that involved producing product sheets, completing the binder for quality and enviromental documentation, missed seals, planning and follow-up of billable work.

Traditional self-inspection is often carried out by a supervisor who comes to the project at the end of the day and goes around with a binder and a drawing to mark all the fireproofing done during the day by all the installers. It may be that one of the fitters is responsible for this as well, and likewise releases his tools at the end of the day to do the self-check for the work team.

PlanTrail's fire stopping module is optimized to attract production, higher aesthetic performance and to give the organization better control. With all the steps in our guiding workflow, you get a massive time saving and thus you become more attractive to customers because you perform more for the same money. See our graph below that shows the difference between before and after PlanTrail is implemented.

Pictures on every seal

Easy to track with the journal

You have to be careful about your working hours, to remain attractive

With extreme accuracy in our development work and outstanding optimizations in the click paths, you can feel safe with PlanTrail!

Neither the customer nor the fireproofing company itself wants expensive fitters who stand and click in a system all day, but it must go quickly and smoothly, while we must secure invaluable information from the time of installation.


Here you can see the graph when we and our users tested different variants of self-control in different systems. Note that it only takes 31.9 seconds for a fire sealing company to note a seal, and this also includes compilation in a self-inspection report, which the other systems do not.
Also note that this is actual data from 100,000 checkpoints on all different users, and some of these checkpoints were started on a Friday and completed on a Monday, so these are real numbers you see in the chart.

How much do things really cost?

It doesn't really matter what a system costs in pure expenses, which can be difficult to absorb of course, but what you have to look at is the time required to perform the work task for which the tool is intended.
Paper and pen is the most cost-driving thing a company can do, and it's also the most risky. Who hasn't seen the self-inspection folder disappear and you have to redo all the work in order for the contract to be approved.

Jämför kostnad med utgift

The delusion that a tool where you log hours and materials should be able to function as a cost-effective and high-quality tool for self-control is very widespread. However, the apps out there today that are incredibly flexible, where you get to put together your own form for fireproofing, are certainly not industry standard or will never be.
For many years, PlanTrail has conducted in-depth interviews with all actors and organizations in order to secure what is required for a self-control worthy of the name. Also, despite the cost of the system, we are the cheapest of all. This graph shows that we have reached our goal, to give you a superpower to get the best self-control on the market in the fastest way!

Gör som många av våra PlanTrail-användare – Kombinera din modul för brandtätning med fler proffessionellt framtagna specialverktyg