Construction inspection
ABT06 / AB04

Now it's here! -The tool you dreamed of! 

A PlanTrail module with advanced workflow

  • Specially built guiding workflow 
  • Safe to invite contractor
  • Verification of rectified errors 
  • Create your own favorite templates
  • Unique professional detailed reports
  • Recommended working method in the industry
  • Verified by experienced inspectors
  • No binding time, no risk

Please watch the video about why PlanTrail differs from other digital tools.
PlanTrail has really done its homework when we enter a new field.
Through in-depth interviews, process-based workflows customized to your profession, and thorough preparation, that's what it takes to develop the best tool on the market.
With over 100 pilot projects and rigorously tested features, we can now proudly say that Construction Inspections are now taking place at a completely different level than before. Welcome to PlanTrail!

Digitized Process 

With PlanTrail, you'll get started quickly. It's not a complicated interface; it's incredibly easy. Behind the scenes is a fantastic machinery that knows exactly what you need in your professional role.


Imagine having your favorite templates for different types of inspections ready wherever you are. Prepare at home on your computer; you can forget to press save because your attachment is accessible from your laptop, iPad, or phone when you're reviewing before the site visit. During the site visit, you use your phone to log errors, which automatically appear inserted with images and text in your ongoing attachment. 
When you press 'Save Attachment,' an interactive PDF is also sent to everyone on the distribution list, where you receive delivery and read receipts so you know that everyone has seen your attachment. 
For the more experienced inspector, he invites the contractor who checks off directly in the attachment! 
You never leave the system, and you have full control over all attachments. Start from the previous attachment at the next inspection to save time.


  • PlanTrail Web - Prepare your attachment
    Fill in the attachment directly at the inspection meeting via computer or iPad

  • PlanTrail App – Site visit
    Log all errors according to AB04/ABT06 with E,B,S,U,N,A,K
    The categories clearly help you with color coding and your own flows.
    Easily send the error attachment via phone to different professional areas if necessary.

  • PlanTrail Web - Complete your attachment calmly in the office or at home in the hammock. Errors automatically appear inserted into the attachment with images, drawing excerpts, and deviation texts.
    Distribute and be sure that everyone has received the attachment and can access all information via the interactive PDF that links to real-time data in PlanTrail.

Construction inspection in a completely new way! -How is that possible?

Experience the power in a REAL digitization!
PlanTrail has done its homework and knows exactly what features you need for a proper construction inspection according to ABT06 & AB04.
With in-depth interviews of your industry colleagues and close collaboration in development, we can guarantee that you've never seen anything like it. Because the future is already here.

-Forget cutting and pasting from a Bim-tool into your attachment template.
Welcome to be part of the digitization, - For real!

Plan Trail has truly facilitated my everyday life in an outstanding manner. I spend many of my days out in the field and have always carried a lot of post-work with me back home. However, after I started using Plan Trail, I deliver a faultless attachment when leaving the workplace and have only the statement or attachment left when I return to the office.


On the recent projects I've been out on, I've also started preparing the statement/attachment on-site and have no post-work when I get to the office. Now that I've started completing the task on-site, I suddenly have time to walk the dogs before it gets dark, which hasn't happened in many years.

Ted Werme


about Construction inspection

Minimize the risks associated with using pocket memory, notebooks, and cameras, and go digital!
But before you make your choice of digital platforms, please read more about your options in this article.
There are many opportunists who have a digital system where you can make your error list, but there is only one system that makes everything fall into place and digitalization truly makes a difference!

Eliminate all manual steps and risks of working in multiple systems!

Pasting an error list from, for example, the contractor's BIM app directly into the word processor's industry template is out of the question because your error list, which you have registered in the app during the site visit, automatically appears in your attachment. You can prepare your attachment before the site visit and supplement it on the project before going out on site. When the inspection is complete, you can immediately share the error list with a simple click of a button. You can also invite your contractor who can register their remedies directly in your attachment, and this is possible thanks to PlanTrail's advanced permission system. You don't need to worry that the contractor approves their own errors; of course, it is you as the inspector who has full control.

PlanTrail is developed by professionals for professionals. The workflow is tailored to conduct construction inspections according to AB04 & ABT06, but works perfectly well to perform status inventories, handover inspections, visual inspections, investigations, construction meeting protocols, and invitations. Explore the immense power of our specially built module for your professional role!


PlanTrail has revolutionized my way of conducting construction inspections. With its user-friendly platform and advanced features, I save time, reduce errors, and streamline my workflow. Filling in inspection reports on site with my phone is invaluable. You avoid carrying an iPad or computer when climbing scaffolds and ladders while navigating through a construction site with cables and materials on the floor.
PlanTrail organizes and color-codes issues effortlessly, allowing me to easily share attachments with different departments. I can even fill in reports from the comfort of my office or home. With PlanTrail, all deviations are automatically displayed in the attachment with images, drawing excerpts, and detailed descriptions. The statement is made with my favorite template on the web login, where I also quickly and easily include attachments from other departments! I confidently recommend PlanTrail to everyone in the industry. Say goodbye to manual steps and multiple systems - go digital with PlanTrail and experience seamless efficiency firsthand.

Göran Andersson

Status inventory, Handover inspection, Construction inspections, Building inspections in Sweden