Fireseal Pro™ Documentation App
Fire protection coating

Checkpoint with advanced workflow

  • Guiding work flow for new installers and sub contractors
  • Mandatory quality steps
  • Verification of the work and its conditions
  • Product sheet, application instructions
  • Unique professional detailed reports
  • Recommended working method in the industry
  • Verified by Fire consultants
  • No binding time, no risk

About Fire protection coating
To ensure that the conditions and application of fire protection coating are in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and requirements, there are a large number of tasks that must be carried out for these works.
Preparations, cleaning, rust protection painting and its drying time, approval of substrate before application begins, all these aspects are important to include, and not least documented in a contract. Then you have the off-set measurement of the rust protection thickness so that you do not account for the primer when measuring the thickness of the fire protection paint. The temperature during application is one of the cornerstones for good adhesion and to guarantee the function of the fire protection. Pictures at all different stages can be included, in case an accident occurs and the paint is damaged by another contractor once it is painted. The reports list all your actions with time and date, as well as who performed each step, and you can easily see if the steel is painted, which simplifies the progress of the work.  

With the help of the color-coded flags, you have full control over hundreds of beams and columns in real-time, allowing you to generate a solid basis for invoicing along the way.

Never before has there been a method that secures the entire process in such a simple way, and with the press of a button, you can present the status of your work or a self-check on a portal to clients and fire consultants. This module is a must-have for both contractors who do this very rarely and, of course, those who work daily with fire protection painting.