Fire Inspection

Module with advanced workflow

  • Specially built guiding workflow 
  • Safe to invite contractor
  • Verification of rectified errors
  • Create your own favorite templates
  • Unique professional detailed reports
  • Verified suitable by experienced fire consultants
  • No binding time – No start-up cost

    The simplest possible user-friendliness, it becomes so clear when you work from the drawing and access everything from your marking.
    Choose between revision clouds, flags, or brackets to mark areas, lengths, and locations.

    Deviation app & word processor in one!
    PlanTrail makes your protocol & drawing come to life!

    You can now handle both site visits and execution control, status inventories, and statements directly in PlanTrail.Since this module also offers web login, you can easily set up all your various types of site visits and statements in ready-made templates with just a few simple clicks.When distributing the reports from PlanTrail, you can see who has received and even opened them. Invite Contractors so they can tick off their defect lists directly in PlanTrail, allowing you to then approve and verify that everything has been carried out correctly.


    Advanced report engine on your web login

    All notes and markings on the drawings are automatically inserted into your default template, complete with signatures and logos. Create more templates to suit different purposes, such as Execution Control, Status Check, or Statement. No more copy and paste in the word processor!

    Distribution lists can be inserted into your protocol template, and then PlanTrail assists you in sending out and requesting read receipts, so you can feel assured that everyone is informed!

    Upload BSB or other work instructions and project management documents so that everyone can access the material directly from your protocol!