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With PlanTrail you get to experience the real performance of your organization!

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Our most popular modules

  • Professional app
  • Complete reports
  • Digital binder for certification
  • Mobile app for Error List
  • Web app for template-based Attachment
  • Invite your contractors
  • Professionally designed app
  • Complete documentation inlc lengths
  • Digital Binder for Documentation

How to use PlanTrail?

- App for iPhone & iPad
-  Web login for all devices
–  Optimized for online/offline work
-  Real time data & super fast reports

PlanTrail is useful, - for real!

-  No unnecessary features
-  No talk
-  Digitizing the right things
- Built for you, by industry experts

Read about our users' experiences  

PlanTrail is not just a self-check, it's a tool that ensures we never miss a single fire seal. It is also a tool that keeps track of different clients on the same drawing, and has an optimized workflow that protects both my installers and the client. We deliver higher quality to more satisfied customers, which makes us more attractive on the market.

Simon Schumacher

Supervising installer, Brandtätarna

Plan Trail has truly facilitated my everyday life in an outstanding manner. I spend many of my days out in the field and have always carried a lot of post-work with me back home. However, after I started using Plan Trail, I deliver a faultless attachment when leaving the workplace and have only the statement or attachment left when I return to the office.


On the recent projects I've been out on, I've also started preparing the statement/attachment on-site and have no post-work when I get to the office. Now that I've started completing the task on-site, I suddenly have time to walk the dogs before it gets dark, which hasn't happened in many years.

Ted Werme


Digitization, - without hassle!

– Monthly subscription
ng withoutbinding time
– Tools developed by experts for professionals
– Unlimited number of Projects & Drawings
- Safe to drive
- Get started in 20 minutes

Are you ready to experience your true performance?

A Digital tool you can rely on

Why don't the other systems work for what we do?
PlanTrail digitizes things that are currently not supported in Project Management or normal construction apps

With an advanced machinery hidden behind a simple and pleasant user interface,
all our modules have a specially adapted workflow for your particular field of expertise.

PlanTrail helps you in all stages of the project


Self audit and certification

Works to be documented, as they are performed

Plantrail takes 8 minutes from an installer and returns 20 minutes to the company.
Keeping order of 1000s of control points on 100s of projects is no difficulty in the streamlined workflows for self-inspection of Fire protection and jointing. Unleash your company's maximum productivity!

Continuous Inspection & Post-inspection

 Works monitored in real-time by multiple parties
– Inspections with complete attachments

PlanTrail has the tool for ongoing project monitoring conducted by the client or consultant. Invite the contractor to maximize the benefits and quality of the project. It is during the course of the project that the challenges, which often result in inspection remarks, are addressed.
PlanTrail gives you higher quality on-site visits and helps you keep Annexes and Statements organized without cutting & pasting. With both an app to create the error list on the spot and a web login to create your attachment, all tedious administration is gone and you get to work on what you want instead.