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Documentation. For real.


A future-proof dynamic platform for real estate owners and entrepreneurs


We provide the digital infrastructure to implement and carry through tasks in an inspiring and easy way.

With its flexible framework made for maintenance and frequent inspections, you can easily use it for a vast amount of tasks like deviation management, safety rounds and guiding workflows i constructions projects.
Simply all kind of works or tasks you can define in a controlpoint, you can place it in a drawing,  checklist or map. Inspiring, innovative and easy. 

We unite all your tasks in one system, for you to build a sustainable foundation of information about your building, to take the right actions at all times. We are the first platform that includes everyone, and connect you in a seamless chain with all involved parties in your projects. No expensive hardware, just a phone.

We strive to collect all entrepreneurs certification procedures and audits in one system, to assemble structured data all the way from projection of a construction project, including all guilds in the construction phase, periodic inspections, safety rounds and ad-hoc tasks made with a few clicks. We believe the key to create a frictionless progression in all projects is to eliminate construction errors, delays and misinterpretations. This by supplying a transparant foundation for all involved to take the correct actions to actual facts.
Also we suggest you not to lock all your documentation and paperwork in physical papers in a binder, or in different platforms or digital tools that cannot provide you with a plan for maintenance. We can help you all the way from the birth of a building through all the maintenance.

If everything seems to go well, -you probably don’t have a clue.

A good and healthy organisation, is a team that always want’s to improve. We have an subtile underlaying mission that permeat and affects everything we work on in PlanTrail, which we’ve been inspired of from the standard ISO 9001, that you should always strive for improvements. Our mission is taking over the wheel, supply organisations with the infrastructure to identify, secure, verify and measure.

Innovative & Spektacular

PlanTrail is the first tool that finally reaches all the way in all organisations. Its not just project leaders, managers or team leaders that are included in the digital platform, but all the way from the subcontractors installers, to make the skilled work visible all the way to the real estate owners charts of statistics, deviations and finished work. We bridge the cliff between actual workers to put actual facts in the digital platform, this is unique!

If we were able to work with our full capacity, we would shock ourselves.

Thomas A Edison already knew it, and now we have a vast amount of actual cases proving this thesis right.
Unite, collaborate and act. Just go all-in to reclaim full control over your works. Adjust and refine workflows to improve the quality. Watch as your organisation improves from the first task you put in to the system. Work environment, profit and the velocity of you production will take a giant leap ahead. Imagine the power of your organisation that you can unleash,  meanwhile you are freeing time to spend on more important tasks than documentation.

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Tobias Chevalier


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Michael Sageryd


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